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.Richard regrets he must postpone tonight’s show due to a severe migraine headache. In its place, we offer this insightful classic. TONIGHT, SATURDAY   Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard  –  Chandra Fast links to Bios:    Chandra Welcome to our second installment of “Perseverance Weekend” …. Tonight, we’re going to discuss — and show some spectacular images — of the sublime celestial object that has graced our northern skies for weeks– Comet NEOWISE. The other night, for the first time, I was finally able to view this “once-in-a-generation” spectacle from my own patio … here in the Land of Enhanctment — both with my naked eyes … and even more dramatic … with 7X50 binoculars — before the highly unusual “early monsoon clouds and rain” that have persisted over the American Southwest for more than a month now … closed in once more … for another rain-soaked dreary […]

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places ….” Or, so says Ephesians 6:12. It has been our model for some time — since we first saw the possible “orbital entry maps” for Covid-19, from astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe — that we could be engaged in, not just an unprecedented planetary medical fight and physical “lockdown” … but, an otherwise invisible and never-to-be-admitted-to– Interplanetary War! Hasn’t the President himself declared, repeatedly, that he’s “a wartime president?” And said– “To this day, nobody has ever seen [anything] like it … what they were able to do during World War II. Now, it’s our time. We must sacrifice together, because we are all in this together, and we will come through together. It’s the invisible enemy … “That’s always the toughest enemy, the […]

Guest’s Page Fast links to Items:  Richard – Andrew – Bob – Wil – Ron –Timothy – Chris Fast links to Bios: – Andrew – Bob – Wil – Ron – Keith – Timothy – Kynthea – Chris– Grossinger While everyone’s been distracted (and understandably so) by recent medical and political developments on planet Earth … what has been happening “off-planet?”– That will — far more than “Covid-19” — ultimately change the destiny of everyone on Earth … if not Life itself? How about– “NASA … in its most ‘Dickinsonian’ fashion … quietly confirming, under the “noise” of the all-pervasive Coronavirus Crisis … the existence of current Life on Mars?” Tonight, against the backdrop of the world’s (deliberate?) attention focused elsewhere … our Enterprise Mission Team is going to explore the layered ‘messaging … and implications’ behind NASA’S most recent, startling Martian press release. And … what it REALLY means. Join […]

Trump Administration Suddenly Announces Return of American Astronauts to the Moon … Before End of President Trump’s Second Term! Find Out “Why” Here: Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer: Show Page Fast links to Items:  Richard  –  Chandra Fast links to Bios:  Chandra  Show Items R Richard’s Items: JUNE 14 A few weeks ago, I talked with Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe — probably the most eminent “astrobiologist” on Earth — about the extraordinary, but very serious scientific possibility that the never-before-seen “Covid-19 virus” may, indeed, have fallen to Earth– From “outer space!” Now, a world-class team of other astrobiologists has published a ground-breaking scientific paper, examining thousands of close-up surface images from the NASA Curiosity rover currently exploring Mars. Based on hundreds of startling examples, the team has provisionally concluded that a) Curiosity has found MULTIPLE forms of incredibly “Earth-like” living organisms on the Red Planet, and b) if […]

  Roger Spurr’s Items: 1- Academics confirm Mudfossil DNA     2- Mudfossil Lung found in mudflats suspected to be 4300 years old.     3- Human Bones Dissolve in Salt Water of the Ocean    4- Same Mudfossil Lung found in a mudflats suspected to be 4300 years old from the Great Flood. Soft tissues are preserved in saltwater and not bones. Impacted in fine wet mud they barely deteriorate. Click Image to Enlarge     5- Same Mudfossil Lung dried out in two weeks. If mudfossils remain wet they are preserved almost forever.           Click Image to Enlarge     6-     7- Living tissue with facia tongue / Perfectly preserved mudfossil meat with the facia tongue.     8-     9- Colossus of Appennino, Florence, Italy Background Story: Claimed to be made in the 1500’s. This giant was actually turned to stone by the Gorgon’s head. – YES…we […]