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Show Page Fast links to Items:  Richard  –  Michael  –  John  Fast links to Bios:    Michael  –  John  My guest tonight, professional investigator and author, Michael Feeley, comes to our discussion well-prepared …. Says Michael: *My background — from 17 years of law-enforcement, how I solved real-life crimes, analyzed crime scenes, and gathered evidence that ultimately convicted the perpetrator — these are all the methods I now use to piece together evidence left by the ancients for Humanity around the world … and beyond ….” So, what has Michael’s collected “megalithic evidence” revealed? According to my guest: “Humans are supernatural beings, with supernatural abilities that are connected to all that is … but beings that have disconnected themselves (accidentally … deliberately?) through neural pathways of Earthly routine … “And all the religions of the world are a metaphor for the same ancient message contained within the famous monuments and […]

Return to Main Show Page Fast links to Items : Richard – John Fast links to Bios :  John Trump Administration Suddenly Announces Return of American Astronauts to the Moon … Before End of President Trump’s Second Term! Find Out “Why” Here: Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer:   Return to Main Show Page Fast links to Items : Richard – John Fast links to Bios :  John See Each Other Help Provide Clean Life-Giving Drinking Water   Hurricane Dorian: ‘Apocalyptic’ devastation in Bahamas as deadly storm bears down on US Show Items R Richard’s Items:   1- As Betelgeuse Dims Dramatically, Astronomers Scratch Their Heads     2. JPL Small-Body Database Browser     3.  Borisov-19.5     4- Borisov-JPL-Dec-20-1947     5- Borisov-JPL-Jan-7-2020     6-  Antarctica Under Lockdown as Secret Space Program Unveiling Begins   7-  Mysterious swarms of giant drones have started to appear […]

  My guest tonight, John Hogue, is a recognized prophecy expert — and author of 48 books worldwide, printed in 21 languages.  John will take us through the controversial 16th century prophecies of Nostradamus “in the clear,” about a possible war with Iran — waged by the West — that could be the catalyst of World War III … if these warnings aren’t addressed, faced and understood, so that this “very bad future” can be avoided. No destiny is written in stone, Nostradamus believed (and proved, by his “history of the future” — that takes us from the year 1555 AD all the way to 3797 AD and beyond”), even hinting at humanity’s next step  … becoming a true “extraterrestrial civilization.”  In three hours tonight, we will take a journey through a potentially dreadful future of “a war with Iran” — with locations named and battles described — that could […]