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“The Eternal Mysteries of Giza ….”

The very title of tonight’s show evokes millennial echoes in us all … immediately calling into memory the first time any of us heard about the wondrous, the almost mythical “Pyramids of Ancient Egypt ….”

Were the massive Pyramids merely “vainglorious pharaonic tombs” (as generations of “Egyptologists” have steadfastly maintained …), or–

Were they “something much, much more …?”

And, for God’s sake, how were these literal “manmade mountains” even BUILT — when the best available technology for cutting “millions of limestone and granite blocks for their construction” (copper chisels and wooden mallets!), measurably–

Just can’t “cut it” (sorry …)

What have all of us, for literally hundreds of years, been “missing?”

My guest tonight, citizen-scientist Steven Myers, has major “alternative thoughts” about the Pyramids … and some remarkable, carefully-assembled evidence to back them up; what if the massive structures on the Giza Plateau weren’t “tombs” at all, but were, in fact, once–
Huge “solid-state” … machines!!

But again … designed to fulfill “what” overriding human function — a purpose so large as to ultimately organize an entire “high civilization” around their literal, repetitive creation!?

Join us tonight … and find out.

Richard C. Hoagland

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Guest Page
Fast links to Items:  RichardSteven
Fast links to Bios: Steven 

Show Items


Richard’s Items:

1. The operators of the Ever Given may be forced to unload its 18,000 cargo containers onto other ships, report says



2. CNN’s Sanjay Gupta breaks with his network and BACKS former CDC director Robert Redfield’s ‘informed’ theory that COVID escaped from Wuhan lab as ‘simplest explanation’



3. Mars didn’t lose all of its water at once, based on Curiosity rover find



4. Why We Choose to Try Our First Helicopter Flight on Monday



5. Imperator Meaning As Elon Musk Changes Twitter Bio to ‘Imperator of Mars’



6. Geopolymers – How Professor Davidovits show the pyramids stones are artificial



7. The Pyramids: An Enigma Solved



8. Davidovits pyramid theory worldwide


 Steven’s Items:

1- Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid



2- The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine



3- Building the Great Pyramid using Water Locks and Barges



4- The Great Pyramid Water Pump



5- Steven Myers YouTube channel

Guest Page
Fast links to Items:  RichardSteven
Fast links to Bios: Steven 


Steven Myers

Steven Myers YouTube channel

Steven Myers is the founder of the nonprofit organization called the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation. ( The foundation’s purpose is the research and development of technologies used to build and operate the Great Pyramid as intended by the Original Builders. This foundation, headed by Mr. Myers, is conducting research and experimentation to help understand the mysteries of how the Great Pyramid was built and why. Our goal is to further the understanding and utilization of the ancient technology related to the Great Pyramid’s construction and purpose.
Steven Myers is an advocate for the re-development of the lost ancient high technology of the Great Pyramid and to use that ancient but advanced technology to help our modern but troubled world.

Guest Page
Fast links to Items:  RichardSteven
Fast links to Bios: Steven 

7 Comments so far:

  1. BrianKovar says:

    i cant wait for next weeks show when you dig into the images and that video of the helicopter flying on mars because that video they are showing live of it is all kinds of messed up and weird …. 
    the feeling in the room also kinda echoed the moon landing, a lack of excitement from the people in the back of the room… 
    with kind regards – brian 

  2. Jay says:

    Richard, with all due respect, you cut this guest off much more than usual. I disagree with a lot of stuff he said but my take is that he didn’t get quite a fair shake, especially in the last hour. 

  3. Jay says:

    Anti Gravity either through devices or psychic/mental technology would also explain a lot and not just in Egypt.
    Ancient civilizations might well have had much cleaner, less physically crude technologies than huge cranes, etc., that we wouldn’t recognize and which wouldn’t leave obvious physical remains.
    10:45 new guest just started talking about this stuff

  4. Jay says:

    Once you accept the idea of psychic or mental technology, and the idea that this could have been the technology of ancient cultures, things open up. Straining for physical solutions to explain high degrees of precision handling huge objects may not produce explanations that fit the facts . By all means, look for physical technical solutions, but if the facts don’t fit, it’s time to open to other, possibly more sophisticated forms of technology.
    Energy and matter are a continuum. Why shouldn’t thoughts, especially highly concentrated thoughts by highly trained operators, be harnessed to control matter

  5. Mythterious MrBlack says:

    Apply Occam’s razor to how the pyramids were built.  Even today WE so-called Humans can not reproduce this feat of magic. The simplest answer is always the best answer. ET built them and/or anti-gravity technology was used. Apply Occam’s Razor.

  6. Psu Edon says:

    The big questions I have in using water are

    The ability to properly seal areas to prevent water loss because of leaks between the blocks
    Water Loss and Replenishment due to evaporation in the Egyptian Desert
    Water Loss and Replenishment due to the scale of the construction operation.


  7. leon elshout says:

    The title is already wrong. We should be very carefully with using the word “eternally”. The Bible uses the word “aion” instead of this, Hebrew: olam.

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