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1) SpaceX lands Falcon 9 rocket at sea again, despite much harsher conditions
2) Superconducting Levitation Thruster

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unnamed (3)Since I was a little boy I always felt that I was here for a great purpose. Over the years I have grown to know what that purpose is. There is so much beauty and love in this world and at the same time so much pain, suffering and deception. I believe it is the deception that is linked to most of this pain and suffering, at least in America. People are thirsty for the truth and truth is difficult to find these days. People want so badly to believe in something; a cause or a person and so often they are let down by people who deceive them.


I believe everyone should be given information without bias, just the information and then, when they take a stand or make a decision, it is truly their own and they are not being manipulated, controlled or told what to think. It seems like such a simple concept but all I see in our society is the illusion of unbiased information being served up as different points of view but in all reality it is the same message being put out by multiple media outlets that have common owners. Often alternative media is not much better because they can be so cynical of anything mainstream that they criticize and discredit everything put out by the mainstream and put their bias in their analysis of the information.
So many people are hurting, so many frustrated, so many are lost and depressed. I cannot just ignore all of this I have to do something…
My something… is my time, my energy, my financial resources all put forth in films, print, radio and television, and of course in the treatment of patients. Hopefully I can help millions and not just the hundreds that I can see personally in my office. Hopefully I can help you find the truth in complex political-health issues that affect us all. I have strong opinions but they are mine; my goal is that my efforts will allow you to find your own truth without making up your mind based on propagandized information.
People need to have an open mind and realize every time they react to a new idea as “crazy” or “ridiculous” it may be their years of programming from what they have seen on TV and heard on the radio or read on the internet; keeping them from considering other points of view. If I can jump start people to really begin thinking for themselves then I believe that will help fuel the intellectual revolution that needs to occur to make this world a better place for the generations to come.

Dr. Smith is the former Director of Pain Management and Assistant Clinical Professor at Harbor UCLA. He formed the Comprehensive Pain Relief Group Inc. in 2001 and the GS Medical Center Inc. in 2004 of which he is the current President and Medical Director of both. Over a 12-year period, in 2005 Dr. Smith created the Nutritional, Emotional, Social, and Physical (NESP) Program to combat addiction and chronic pain.

“There are relationships between the FDA, big Pharma, physicians and the media that are in place to ensure that medical problems are treated primarily with pills.”

In 2012 Dr. Smith formed Pain MD Productions Inc. from which he executive produced and co-wrote the feature film American Addict (2013) and American Addict 2: The Big Lie was released in July of 2015. Dr. Smith has forfeited distribution profits to make to film available to all who need it and is currently available for free download at “I believe people can get vital information while being entertained at the same time documentaries don’t have to be boring”.
Watch the award-winning documentary American Addict. It will change the way you think about prescription drugs.

  • The US spends close to 18% of GDP on healthcare but ranks last or next to last in every meaningful healthcare indicator vs other industrialized countries.
  • In 2014 Big Pharma spent 229 million dollars influencing lawmakers and politicians.
  • For every $1 spent on “basic research” Big Pharma spends $19 on promotions and advertising.

He also hosts the radio show Truth, Medicine and Politics on KABC in Los Angeles and has appeared as a guest on multiple local and national radio and television shows. He has lectured around the United States and currently resides in Redondo Beach, CA with his family.

robinDr. Robin Falkov, Oriental Medical Doctor and Homeopathic Physician. Dr Falkov has additional training in areas of injection therapy, lifestyle optimizing, nutritional planning and more. She consults worldwide on Skype. Learn more about her 10 years of research in medicine for the future – Light Emitting Diode health technologies.

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