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POSTPONED TO NEXT WEEK — POWER IS STILL DOWN Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard  – David Fast links to Bios: David  Tonight’s show belongs to the genre of previous explorations we have done, re the fascinating subject– “Who was here, inhabiting North America … LONG before us?” Previous candidates have included “the Templar’s,” “the Ancient Egyptians,” “the pre-Olmecs,” and … “the Vikings” …. To which we can now add– Romans! My guest tonight, citizen-scientist and author, David Brody, is going to introduce us to the fascinating — if too-long-overlooked millennial-old tale — of how the Romans long ago came to the New World … and what they left for the rest of us to one day find. “America,” with its global interests and far flung military bases, has often been compared to a modern “Roman State.” How ironic that the comparison seems to be anchored in an increasingly verifiable, […]

Tonight, we grapple with the secret birth … and now, potentially impending death (!) — at the hands of a mysterious Middle Ages secret monastic society called “the Knights Templar”– of nothing less than–  The United States of America.  After the Knights were blatantly ambushed — and essentially destroyed — Friday morning, October 13, 1307 AD (“Ten Thirteen Productions,” anyone?) — by an “unholy alliance” of the King of France and a Roman Catholic Pope — some of the surviving Knights (and their families …) fled all the way across the Atlantic to the New World … to organize essentially an underground  “Knights Templar Resistance …”   Including — a shadowy new organization called “Freemasonry.”  Half a millennium later … Freemasons played a demonstrably pivotal role in the creation of the United States … and the American Constitution … if not, “the American way of life.”  Was this — The American […]