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Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard – Rick – Leslie – Kynthea Fast links to Bios: Joseph – Ron – Barbara – Kynthea – Leslie – Rick   Why the Fury to Return to Mars? Find Out “Why” Here: Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer: https://youtu.be/G7rLvWy8Ih0 We encourage you  to submit questions in the blog below before the show:) SUNDAY,FEB 14th  SUN. 9 pm – Midnight PT / Midnight – 3 am ET SUN. Below are 5 DIFFERENT WAYS to Listen to the Live Show: 1) Use our own player which will open in another window https://www.theothersideofmidnight.com/stream-player/ Note: The player will automatically open in another tab. This is to allow us to add items to the ‘Radio with Pictures’ show page and update the page withOUT interrupting your listening enjoyment and without having to request that you reload the ‘Radio with Pictures’ show page to see the new items. […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard – Rick Fast links to Bios:  Rick  –  Georgia – Joseph  Tonight: “… that doesn’t mean we are striving to form a union that is perfect. “We are striving to forge a union with purpose, to compose a country committed to all cultures, colors, characters and conditions of man. “And so we lift our gazes not to what stands between us, but what stands before us ….” With those words, 22-year-old Amanda Gorman — National Youth Poet Laureate of the United States, reciting for the new president’s Inauguration just last Wednesday — officially ushered in a new era of anticipation …. In the long history of the United States … what now … will happen next? One clue may be found in what President Biden specifically requested for his new Oval Office, sitting just to the left of the Resolute Desk: A NASA moonrock. Except […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard – Laura Fast links to Bios:   Richard Spence – Laura London Well, it’s official: Saturday, November 7, 2020 — after an extended, nail-biting “mail-in ballot count” — Joseph R. Biden, Democrat, is now projected to become the “46th President of the United States.” But, what does this really mean in 2020? Almost half the electorate — over 70 million American citizens — voted for “the other guy,” for the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, Republican. A not insignificant percentage of those Republican Trump voters are now accusing the Democrats of “rigging the election” … “stealing the election” … “fixing the election ….” So far, nine separate legal challenges to these election results, in over half a dozen states, have been mounted by Republicans — in courts ranging from local state courts, to the Supreme Court of the United States […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard   Fast links to Bios:  Spence Trump Administration Suddenly Announces Return of American Astronauts to the Moon … Before End of President Trump’s Second Term! Find Out “Why” Here: Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer: https://youtu.be/G7rLvWy8Ih0 As my grandmother used to say– “Time is God’s way of ‘not have everything happening at once!’” Well, apparently, God is on vacation …. The year of 2020 Anno Domini will undoubtedly go down as THE “most eventful year” in modern history — with literally Everything “happening at once!” I mean, just look at what we’ve experienced so far– A once-in-a-hundred-years global pandemic and resulting “global lockdowns” … of vastly different societies all around the planet; a record “wildfire season” here in the United States, presaging the coming inevitability of “global warming” … not just in the American West, but around the world (and the “fire […]

  Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard  – Rick Spence – Georgia Fast links to Bios: Rick Spence – Georgia “What the hell is REALLY going on?!” That’s a question we’re all asking each other more and more, as claims and counter-claims about the Covid-19 virus — and its unprecedented global shutdown — whipsaw back and forth across the planet …. As my grandmother used to say– “A lie can be halfway around the world … before the truth even gets its pants on ….” Wherein does lie “Truth?” One of the disturbing, “not-so-hidden agendas” I’ve discerned, seems to be a dedicated effort to literally destroy the United States of America from within; Washington, repeatedly, forcing the 50 individual states to directly compete against each other for vital resources and supplies necessary to keeping their citizens alive … all carried out against repeated public references to– “The Civil War”…. […]