Richard’s Items:

1. Rio 2016 Olympics: From the athletes’ village to Zika – just how ready is Brazil?

2. CDC issues historic travel warning over Miami Zika outbreak

3. Trump Isn’t Backing Paul Ryan, John McCain

4. You Can Get The Baby Out Of Here 

5. Andrew Bogut Lets Rip At Quality Of Accomodation At Olympic Village

6. Clinton Fact-Checked On ‘Truthful’ Claim In Email Scandal

7. Roger Ailes Sexually Harrassed And ‘Psychologically Tortured’ A Fox News Booker For Over 20 Years

8. Wikileaks Chief Says He Has ‘Quite A Lot Of Material’ From Hillary’s Campaign And Will Release It In Stages For Maximum Publicity


Julian Assange

Julian Assange












10. Europa Building - Egg

10. Europa Building – Egg


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