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  Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard – Spence Fast links to Bios:    Spence   Support The Other Side of Midnight! Ukraine! An unfamiliar name — for an unfamiliar nation to most Americans — suddenly looms large in strident headlines increasingly echoing around the world. And, a fundamental fear that hasn’t swept across Eastern Europe, let along the United States, in more than 70 years– An imminent, all-out Land War in Europe! At the heart of this accelerating global crisis looms one man: Vladimir Putin — current President of Russia. What does he really want? Why has he massed over 130,000 troops, thousands of tanks, an equal number of cannon, rockets and artillery, hundreds of aircraft and tens of ships — to say nothing of mobile field hospitals and stores of human blood for mass casuality transfusions — on the common Russian border of this relatively unknown country […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard – Rick Fast links to Bios: Rick – Georgia My guest tonight, historian Dr. Richard Spence, is asking a crucial question: “Is America permanently divided?” Regardless of whether we get our news from television, or all our information about the world comes from Facebook and Instagram, there is ONE thing on which we are agreeing: The United States, in the second decade of the Twenty-First Century, seems hopelessly at odds with itself … on even basic “stuff” — like, did Biden really win the last election? There is a much-cliched phrase– “Those who do not learn from History … are condemned to repeat it.” The quote is often attributed to 19th/20th Century Harvard philosopher, George Santayana — and in its original form read: “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it …” See, even “history” doesn’t agree about the MOST basic stuff […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Max – Kynthea – Timothy Fast links to Bios:  Max – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta Show Items . Max’s Items: 1-  Bitcoin Price analysis through December 2021(corrected)     2-  Bitcoin Revolution: Ending Tyranny For Fun & Profit  by Max Wright and Jarrod Dennis     3-  Exclusive Training – Investing Webinar Exclusive Training Reveals How Just $5,000 Invested Wisely Today Can Give You Passive Income of $100,000 Per Year in just 18 months If You Take This Easy Step Today.   4- Max Wright Bitcoin Interview     5-     6-  Bitcoin’s Halloween  Birthday!   Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Max – Kynthea – Timothy Fast links to Bios:  Max – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta . Kynthea’s Items: Many thanks to my support team: John, Leslie, Joseph, Robert…and our audience! 1–  Oct 20th Shocking Data – Endemic Virus […]

In this episode, together with world-famous attorney, Daniel Sheehan, will discuss our constitutional rights in the context of “The Covid 19 Pandemic”. “We will also look at the larger context of:  “Our American Constitution Under Fire – During The Trump Administration – From Both The Right & The Left…and from Donald Trump & Wm. Barr. We will examine the context and intent of the framers and, how the Constitution is currently being executed. Exploring the idea of how the United States Constitution and it’s political influence the world’s governmental systems.  How is our current world situation affecting our constitutional rights? And why some are being upheld, and others are been completely abused by our leadership, both elected and appointed/ Does the US Constitution wield the power of freedom to the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot? Finally, we will be examining what we as individuals can do to protect our rights and […]

  Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard  – Rick Spence – Georgia Fast links to Bios: Rick Spence – Georgia “What the hell is REALLY going on?!” That’s a question we’re all asking each other more and more, as claims and counter-claims about the Covid-19 virus — and its unprecedented global shutdown — whipsaw back and forth across the planet …. As my grandmother used to say– “A lie can be halfway around the world … before the truth even gets its pants on ….” Wherein does lie “Truth?” One of the disturbing, “not-so-hidden agendas” I’ve discerned, seems to be a dedicated effort to literally destroy the United States of America from within; Washington, repeatedly, forcing the 50 individual states to directly compete against each other for vital resources and supplies necessary to keeping their citizens alive … all carried out against repeated public references to– “The Civil War”…. […]