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22 Years…
“What Have We Learned”

This week marks 22 turbulent years … since the tragic and far-reaching Terrorist Attack of September 11, 2001 — on the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon in Washington, and the deliberate downing of a third hijacked airliner over Shanksville, Pa. — took place.

In the wake of this almost unimaginable national attack, two major investigations into “what really occurred on 9/11” were launched, and several independent 9/11 research groups formed. One of those, the “Lawyers’ Committee for 911 Inquiry” describes its own independent inquiries into 9/11, thus:

“The official explanation of the events on and surrounding 9/11 has not been established in a court of law, or by an objective and thorough investigation by either Congress or the 9/11 Commission. Our overall mission is to develop and implement a detailed legal strategy to achieve transparency and accountability under the law, regarding the unprosecuted crimes of 9/11 ….

“In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the Congress initiated the “Joint Inquiry,” and the government eventually also created the 9/11 Commission, to investigate and explain what had occurred. Almost immediately, and in the years thereafter, serious questions were raised about both the Joint House and Intelligence Committees’ Inquiry, and the 9/11 Commission’s version of the events surrounding 9/11.

“Many observers, including notably the families of the victims, criticized both inquiries for failing to address key questions ….”

And now we have the “Hiroshima-like destruction of Lahaina, former 19th Century capitol of the Hawaiian Empire” which, in terms of forensic evidence, exhibits several startling parallels with the mass destruction witnessed and recorded in New York, on 9/11 ….

Tonight, after over a generation of investigation, testimony and analysis, my guests — Chairman of “the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry,” Barbara Honegger, and three of her colleagues from the Committee — will discuss not only the current state of their on-going legal challenges to the “accepted truths” surrounding 9/11, but “where the investigation goes from here ….”

And … possible new forensic evidence indicating a potential “9/11-Maui Connection!”

Join us ….

Richard C. Hoagland

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Barbara Honegger, M.S., Lawyers’ Committee Board Co-Chair

Website: Barbara Honegger, M.S. has served in high-level Government positions including White House Policy Analyst, Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, Director of the Attorney General’s Law Review at the Department of Justice, and for more than a decade was the Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School, the premiere science, technology and national security affairs graduate research university of the Department of Defense. Barbara is Chairman of the Board and Investigative Researcher with the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. Since Sept. 11th she has been a leading author, documentarian, public speaker and major activist on the events of 9/11 with emphasis on the Pentagon Attack and Anthrax Attacks, including presentations and speaking tours in the U.S. Europe and Canada. Barbara researched, scripted and produced the video documentaries ‘Behind The Smoke Curtain: What Happened at The Pentagon, and What Didn’t, and Why It Matters’ and ‘The 9/11 Museum Virtual Walking Tour’, both with over 250,000 views on YouTube. The Walking Tour uses the actual exhibit items in the 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero itself to prove that the Official Story of Sept. 11th is false. She is also the visionary for and physically executed the iconic ‘Third Beam’ Spotlight shown into the NYC skyline on the 9th Anniversary of the attacks that has become the icon for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and the 9/11 Truth Movement worldwide. Barbara is also a national whistleblower. Her pioneering book October Surprise, the first on the topic subsequently confirmed by formerly classified documents and deathbed confessions of key conspirators, led to an official Congressional re-investigation of the Iran side of the Iran-Contra scandal funded at the level of the 9/11 Commission. Ms. Honegger earned Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University; a Master of Science in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University; and Masters level certification in National Security Decision making from the Naval War College. She has twice run as a Candidate for Congress for the central coast district of California, most recently on a 9/11 Truth Platform.


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Robert Morningstar


The Morningstar Report Newsletter
Latest article:
UFOs Over The Great State of Maine: Memories and Recollections of a UFO Hunter

Robert Morningstar is a civilian intelligence analyst, investigative journalist and psychotherapist, living in New York City.

Robert is a specialist in photo interpretation, geometric analysis and computer imaging. Robert Morningstar is a graduate of Power Memorial Academy and was a New York State Regents Scholar (1967-72) at Fordham University where he received a degree in psychology.  While at Fordham University, in 1969, Robert participated as a research fellow in a US Navy-sponsored program to develop Artificial Intelligence.

An expert in Chinese language, history and martial arts, he is acknowledged as a Master of Yang Family Tai Chi Ch’uan by the Hong Kong Tai Chi Masters Association and has taught at Oberlin College, and  Hunter College, the City University of New York. In 1992-93, he worked in the Behavioral Science Department of The International Center for the Disabled.

Robert Morningstar is a FAA-licensed private pilot and Instrument Ground Instructor and has studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 50 years and published many research articles on the Internet, exposing government cover-up and deception applied in the JFK Assassination. His work is cited in major books on the JFK assassination, notably in Paris Flammonde’s “The Assassination of America” and “Conspiracy Science” by Prof. James Fetzer.
In 2004, Robert Morningstar presented "TMA 1: A Sign of Intelligent Life on Mars" before a peer review panel at the Min-Tech conference at Johns Hopkins University sponsored by AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics) and was a featured speaker at the historic Secret Space Program Conference-Breakaway Civilization Conference held in San Francisco, June 2015 where he exhibited Apollo mission lunar anomalies and related UFO activity that occurred throughout the Apollo Missions. Robert has written extensively to expose NASA’s use of “Disinformation Technology” to suppress evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on the Moon and of life on Mars.
 Robert is currently the Publisher & Editor of The UFO Spotlight & UFODigest, which expose the real nature and menace of the UFO phenomenon its cover-up and threat to our constitutional liberties. Robert ihas been heard regularly on many national and international radio programs, including Coast-to-Coast AM, Far Out Radio, The Other Side of News, The Martian Revelation, Dr. J Radio Live in L.A. and Skywatchers Radio. Robert is currently the host of hs own radio programs on Revolution Radio..
Robert Morningstar has been listed in Who's Who In America, Who's Who In Who in Business & Industry (1992) and In Science & Technology (1993). Robert was the recipient of the Marquis Who's Who 2020 Albert Neill Lifetime Achievement Award for his work and career as a Civilian Intelligence Analyst.

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Richard Gage, AIA, Lawyers’ Committee Board Member and Technical Advisor

Richard Gage, AIA, Architect, has joined the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry Board of Directors and also serves as Technical Advisor. Richard comes to the Lawyers’ Committee after 15 years as the Founder and CEO of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. In addition to being the LC’s first onboard technical expert with his wealth of architectural experience and in-depth knowledge of the forensic facts regarding WTCs 1, 2 and 7, he will be partnering on a new cutting-edge 9/11 documentary film series ‘9/11: From Crime Scene to Courtroom’ and joining other Board Members for radio interviews and public appearances while also speaking and doing weekly podcast interviews as part of his new independent 9/11 mission at The Lawyers’ Committee is excited about having someone of Richard Gage’s outstanding credentials and experience on the Board and looks forward to even more success in this new Chapter for the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Richard Gage, AIA is a member of the American Institute of Architects, founder and former CEO of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (now acting independently). As creator of, he continues to lead the charge toward a new investigation into the destruction of all 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11.

During his 30-year architectural career in the San Francisco Bay Area, Gage has worked on the construction documents and construction administration for most types of building construction, including numerous fire-proofed, steel-framed buildings — including the $400M mixed-use urban project Summerlin Center, with 1.2 million square feet of retail, 320,000 square feet of mid-rise office space and parking structure, altogether consisting of about 1,200 tons of steel framing.

Gage has delivered his live “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” multimedia presentation more than 600 times in dozens of foreign countries and 110 American cities to audiences ranging from 100 to 4,000. He has been interviewed on dozens of TV shows and more than 700 radio programs over the 15 years of his 9/11 truth activism.

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Attorney Mick Harrison, Lawyers’ Committee Board Member, Executive Director and Director of Litigation


Attorney Mick Harrison, a co-founder of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, is a Member of the Board, Litigation Director and directs and conducts the organization’s litigation. Mr. Harrison is an experienced public interest plaintiffs’ attorney with a national practice focused on whistleblower protection, government oversight and accountability, and environmental protection..

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Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Barbara  –  Robert
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Kynthea is the Co-Founder of Global Peace Media,  Co-Host/Producer of "The Other Side of the News" and previous Producer for "The Other Side of Midnight." 

She collaborates with pioneers of the future to create thought-provoking shows that serve as a catalyst for change to bring about a better world for all. Kynthea brings a broad insight to the discussion of the emergence of Universal Consciousness.

Together with Richard C. Hoagland, she studied the first Cydonia photos from Mars and helped organize the early Mars investigation and spear-headed several Mars Rallys at JPL in Pasedena, California. She was the first to sculpt the incredibly controversial Face on Mars...followed by numerous sequential sculptures as new data continued to arrive.

Kynthea continues to support and contribute to the on-going planetary/Mars investigations with the Enterprise Mission Imaging Team, her interest and research of Martian anomalies spans nearly 40 years.

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Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Barbara  –  Robert
Fast links to Bios:   Barbara  –  Robert  –  Richard  –  Kynthea

Why the Fury to Return to Mars?
Find Out “Why” Here:

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Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Barbara  –  Robert
Fast links to Bios:   Barbara  –  Robert  –  Richard  –  Kynthea


Show Items



Barbara’s Items:

1.  Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry ( 9/11 Anniversary Event, Sept. 10th 2023  
Honegger Presentation “The Anthrax Attacks: Key to 9/11 Accountability” begins at time mark 58:29, followed at 1:24:38 by world renowned International Law Attorney and Biowarfare and Bioterrorism expert Prof. Francis Boyle   

1a.  Sworn Jurat Affidavit of Barbara Honegger re Statements by Army Maj. Dr. Doug Rokke

1b. Video of Seattle Presentation by Army Maj. Dr. Doug Rokke



2.  “Peace, War and 9/11” — New Film by The International Center for 9/11 Justice  



3.   The “Other 9/11” — The CIA’s 1973 Pinochet Coup



The Photos Worth a Trillion Words 









6. “Behind The Smoke Curtain: What Happened at The Pentagon on 9/11, and What Didn’t, and Why It Matters” — Video Documentary by Barbara Honegger 
Over half a Million views before being taken down by YouTube 

6a. Barbara Honegger Chapter in The Toronto 9/11 Hearings Report — “Evidence of Pre-Placed Explosives at The Pentagon on 9/11” 



7.  “The 9/11 Museum Virtual Walking Tour” — Video Documentary by Barbara Honegger  
Over half a Million views before being taken down by YouTube  



8.  Barbara Honegger Live In-Studio C-Span Interview on The October Surprise, Aug. 23, 1988  





October Surprise by Barbara Honegger, 1989 – Available on 

October Surprise: Honegger, Barbara: 9780944276464: Books




10.  Double Rainbow above the 911 Site



11. An Ocean from Ground Zero in Ireland, a Peaceful Grove Recalls 9/11 Firefighters


12.  Military Judge Throws Out Guantanamo Detainee’s Confession as Derived from Torture


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Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Barbara  –  Robert
Fast links to Bios:   Barbara  –  Robert  –  Richard  –  Kynthea


Robert’s Items:


Max Igan Reports
on The Maui Massacre 

The Global Weather Wars

This is the most IMPORTANT  and Comprehensive report that I have seen yet on the Maui Massacre..

It is produced by Max Igan who has come to exactly the same conclusions that I have reached independently.

The  first 5 minutes deal with the power of laser technology to prove that DEWs are perfectly capable of doing what we have seen in Maui.

Over 1000 children were missing in Maui and the cops didn’t let the parents go in to look for them. This is all planned from the fire to the child trafficking.

I urge everyone to watch the entire report, if you want to skip the laser demo, Max begins to speak right after the 6 minute mark.


RFK Jr. Stalker Caught 
by LA Police

Did Robert Kennedy Jr. get close to being assassinated?

Posted by WND News Services

Robert Kennedy Jr. has been unable to obtain Secret Service protection despite repeated requests.

On Friday, that became a big problem. …

 Read more…



Guest Page
Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Barbara  –  Robert
Fast links to Bios:   Barbara  –  Robert  –  Richard  –  Kynthea

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