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In Loving Memory of Dr. James DeMeo who made his transition the first week of April, 2022, a true pioneer in the advancement of our understanding of the energies that direct the health of our bodies as well as the climate. His inquiries into how manipulated droughts have impacted 3rd world countries, as well as the 4000 BCE origins of child abulse, sex-repression, warfare and social violence in the deserts of the Old World are well documented in his seminal book, Saharasia. During the Plandemic he authored a paper and book exposing the manipulation of data  used to continue with the global elites eugenics agenda. He was a true hero.

This show is a dynamic presentation of his early research surrounding the COVID-19 crisis in which he discusses his paper on the topic that led to the last book written by James.

We will surely miss you, James. May you Rest in Peace.

James DeMeo, PhD


James DeMeo's Research:

James-Demeo Research

James DeMeo, PhD, Academia Research

Published Articles, Reports, Videos and Books

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James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

James DeMeo, PhD, formally studied the Earth, Atmospheric, and Environmental Sciences at Florida International University and the University of Kansas, where he earned his PhD in 1986. At KU, he openly undertook the first graduate-level natural scientific research specifically focused upon Wilhelm Reich's controversial discoveries, subjecting those ideas to rigorous testing, with positive verification of the original findings.

DeMeo subsequently undertook drought-related field research in the arid American Southwest, Egypt, Israel, sub-Saharan Eritrea, and Namibia, Africa. His work on the Saharasia question constituted the most ambitious global cross-cultural research study to date, on the subjects of human behavior, family and sexual life around the world. His published works include dozens of articles and compendiums, and several books, including Saharasia, The Orgone Accumulator Handbook and In Defense of Wilhelm Reich. 

He was editor of On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy and Heretics' Notebook, and of the journal Pulse of the Planet, and co-editor for the German-language compendium Nach Reich: Neue Forschung zur Orgonomie. DeMeo served on the faculty of Geography at the University of Kansas, Illinois State University, University of Miami and University of Northern Iowa. 

His past or current affiliations include membership in the American Meteorological Association, Society for Scientific Exploration, Arid Lands Society, Natural Philosophy Alliance, Sigma Xi, International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations, and the AAAS. He is a former Research Affiliate of the American College of Orgonomy. In 1978, he founded the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL), where he continues as Director. In 1994 DeMeo establish the OBRL Greenspring Center, a high-altitude research facility in the Siskiyou Mountains near to Ashland, Oregon, exhibiting optimal conditions for sensitive orgone energy experiments.

Copies of his major papers are available at and

Dr. DeMeo is available to give a PowerPoint presentation on his research findings to your group. Click here for more information.

Dr. James DeMeo's Books & Measuring Devices on:

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Show Items


James’ Items:

1- CDC Data Review SM9 Feb21, 2021 – DeMeo


2- Covid Supplement Info – DeMeo Mar 2, 2021 SM




3- DeMeo_Fig-1
from DeMeos’ Paper



4- DeMeo_Fig-2
from DeMeos’ Paper



5- DeMeo_Fig-5
from DeMeos’ Paper




6- DeMeo_Fig-6
from DeMeos’ Paper



7- DeMeo_Fig-7
from DeMeos’ Paper



9- DeMeo_Fig-8
from DeMeos’ Paper



8- DeMeo_Fig-11
from DeMeos’ Paper



9- DeMeo’s Online Bookstore



Wilhelm Reich’s Life Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, with Construction Plans. CLICK ON COVER TO BUY




11- 2019/10/19 – Dr. James DeMeo with Richard C. Hoagland – The Greatest Scientific Cover-Up in History!!



12- 2018/11/18 – Dr. James DeMeo with Richard C. Hoagland – 40 years of work ending droughts with the Wilhelm Reich cloudbusting method



13- 2018/10/07 – Dr. James DeMeo with Richard C. Hoagland- Saharasia



14- 2018/04/22 – Dr. James DeMeo with Richard C. Hoagland- The Remarkable Healing Properties of “Orgone Energy” ….



15- 2018/03/17 – Dr. James DeMeo with Richard C. Hoagland- The Strange Case of Dr. Wilhelm Reich … and “Orgone Energy”

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Kynthea’s Items:

1- BREAKING: Michigan Senate Majority Caught On Secret Recording Saying Capitol Hill Riot Was A Hoax, Pre-Planned, And McConnell Involved
Please Follow us on Gab, Parler, Minds, Telegram (h/t Gateway Pundit) Michigan State Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey was caught on secret camera declaring…

2- Bill Gates Deleted Documentary Why He Switched From Microsoft To Vaccines


3- Global warming my ass! Snow and cold records fall around the world while the sun is blank
“Not by Fire but by Ice” – The book by Robert Felix predicts that a mini-ice age and not global warming will be the next global catastrophe. The “green” wind turbines freezing in Texas, in part, triggered their grid failure not primarily the breakdown of the “dirty” oil and coal-fired plants as the Biden administration claims. Maybe a diversity of power sources is advisable at this stage of our power-generating capabilities and technologies.


4- One-Third of Deaths Reported to CDC After COVID Vaccines Occurred Within 48 Hours of Vaccination • Children’s Health Defense



5- Immunologist: Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Could Cause Long-Term Chronic Illness • Children’s Health Defense



6- Smoking gun: Fauci states COVID PCR test has fatal flaw; confession from the “beloved” expert of experts « Jon Rappoport’s Blog
Jon Rappoport. The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29 th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power.




7- Family Fined, Kicked Off Their Own Property While Trying To Live Sustainably
Matt Agorist
– The family’s dreams of homesteading on their own property came to a grinding halt, however, and has morphed into a nightmare thanks to the intrusive



8- Lawyers to sue WHO for ‘misleading world over COVID-19 outbreak’
Consumer protection trial lawyer Reiner Fuellmich says agencies ‘knowingly misled governments across the world.’



9- Ben Stein’s Severe Vaccine Shot Reactions



10- Montana Governor Criticizes Biden’s ‘Name-Calling,’ Says The State Is Returning To Normal



11- The National Pulse – Real News & Investigations




12- Switzerland bans face coverings in narrow vote




13- “It Is Not Joe Biden You’re Seeing! Watch The Indisutable Proof!”
Whether it’s indisputable or undisputable, it really doesn’t matter. This video proof shows how easy it is to fool anybody, even you. Actors are definitely playing Joe Biden and are being paid top dollar by the Cabal for their part in Crimes Against Humanity.



14- Peter Temple, a past lecturer in the Harvard Science Dept I bring a simple explanation of our many climate changes / Video 5.5 minutes



STRONG Interview with Deborah Tavares, Document Disclosures
GERM Warfare via Aerosols is LEGAL
Sustainable Goals – We WILL Own Nothing
Power Outages, Water Shutdowns, No In-Home Heating, Increases in Micro Toxins, Weather
Attacks on ALL Infrastructure IS Targeted
Universal Basic Income is HERE
Project Sunshine “Secret” Radiation Testing
And Much More . . .
You CAN Prepare to Survive and HELP to WARN Others.
Website: StopTheCrime.Net


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Timothy’s Items:



2- The Dollar Vigilante
The New World Order, Great Reset, Global Plandemic Band Camp!

3- The Corbett Report
Precedent Trump



4- The Crow House



The Dollar Vigilante
So You Thought Those Zombie Movies Were Fiction?

6- Dollar Vigilante
The Zombie Apocalypse Is Here

7- European virologists get a training in 2019!!
about how to LIE with statistics and create MAXIMUM FEAR:



8- Pfizer demanding full immunity from lawsuits from countries and taking their military bases as collateral:



9- The Richie Allen Show Monday March 1st 2021



10- The Corbett Report
How to Present Info for Visual Learners



11- The Crow House
The Weaponisation of Medicine


12- The Richie Allen Show Tuesday March 2nd 2021



13- Dollar Vigilante
The World Technocratic Forum is Working With Kill Gates to Give You Your Daily Pass

14- SkyNews Australia
There is a ‘disturbing’ element to the vaccine rollout



15- RonPaul
Texas Lockdown Lifted: Tyranny Is Contagious…But So Is Liberty!



16- The Richie Allen Show Wednesday March 3rd 2021



17- The Richie Allen Show Thursday March 4th 2021






19- The Corbett Report



20- Spanish police attempt to arrest a woman not wearing a mask.



21- Global Apartheid – With Sabbatian-Ruled Israel Leading The Way
David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – Please Share ?



22- MUST WATCH – the Scientific History of Lockdowns – Part 3
What Really Happened!



23- Ivor Cummins
Ep110 The Origin of the Species – and of our Viral Issue!



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Annetta’s Items:

1- NOTE….It sometimes takes me a day or two to get all the links up as I am handling pages for all 3 weekend shows, editing and other related tasks. KINDLY CHECK BACK FOR MORE LINKS. THANK YOU! – KYNTHEA

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Kynthea is the Co-Founder of Global Peace Media,  Co-Host/Producer of "The Other Side of the News" and previous Producer for "The Other Side of Midnight." 

She collaborates with pioneers of the future to create thought-provoking shows that serve as a catalyst for change to bring about a better world for all. Kynthea brings a broad insight to the discussion of the emergence of Universal Consciousness.

Together with Richard C. Hoagland, she studied the first Cydonia photos from Mars and helped organize the early Mars investigation and spear-headed several Mars Rallys at JPL in Pasedena, California. She was the first to sculpt the incredibly controversial Face on Mars...followed by numerous sequential sculptures as new data continued to arrive.

Kynthea continues to support and contribute to the on-going planetary/Mars investigations with the Enterprise Mission Imaging Team, her interest and research of Martian anomalies spans nearly 40 years.

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Timothy Saunders


Timothy Saunders is a British national who grew-up near to the south coast of the United Kingdom. Positively influenced by the nearby yachting and shipping scene, he chose his ideal career path at the age of ‘ten’ when he decided to become a yacht designer. He studied Industrial Design at the coveted Coventry University and is fortunate to have been chosen by many of the world’s highly revered yacht Design Studios to work on an array of live projects of different sizes, styles and uses, during what he affectionately calls his apprenticeship years. In 1999 Timothy established his independent Design Studio and rapidly became involved in originating a new generation of Super and Megayachts ranging in size from 9-270m (30-886 ft), which gained increasing positive notoriety while exhibiting his work at the Monaco Yacht Show and other prestigious venues. Timothy will see the launch of a 90m Megayacht and a 50m Super Sail yacht later this year and says, “it is very rewarding to breathe life into these innovative projects which are ultimately positive reflections of each satisfied Owner”. Timothy Saunders Yacht Design LTD continues to evolve and develop multiple iconic custom Super and Megayacht projects for local and international clients.

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Annetta Driskell

Annetta's 'Patrick Henry' Telegram Channel:

Annetta Driskell, is a renaissance woman with her feet firmly planted both in the real world and in the realm of Spirit. 
Annetta was a fine art major in college and partnered in a design specifying firm. She was an electromechanical engineer in R&D, served in the US Army, has worked in a myriad of varied fields from cooking to carpentry.
Her father was a biomedical scientist and inventor, her mother a medical professional. Growing up the conversation around the dining table focused on leading-edge ideas, research, science, medicine, culture, and the arts while enjoying a well prepared global cuisine.
Annetta is a Medical  Intuitive who has helped many people find health through the maze of mysterious immune-suppressed conditions. She uses her ability to look beneath the tangled, often incorrect diagnosis, analyze data from medical tests, listen to her client's histories, stories, to ferret out the hidden patterns and sources of disease. Annetta utilizes her intuition and applies her knowledge of medicine, herbs, food as medicine, and how the body works to empower her clients to make wise choices on their path to health and vitality.


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Keith Morgan


The Morgan Curve BLOG:

YouTube Channel:

Co-Producer and Sound Engineer for both 'The Other Side of Midnight' and 'The Other Side of the News.'

Keith Morgan has been an Electronics Technician with ABC News in Washington DC since February 1982 and retired in July 2011. He has a BA in Communications from Howard University with a minor in Computer Science. He helped build Howard University's TV station, WHMM, now WHUT. He worked at WRC Channel 4 in Washington in 1980. Keith is the discoverer of what has been coined the Morgan Curve on Mars. He has researched the Mars anomalies since 1988 after  purchasing “The Monuments of Mars”. You can find Keith in Graham Hancock's book "The Mars Mystery", and Dr. Stanley McDaniel's "The McDaniel Report, as well as "The Monuments of Mars" second edition on, and "Dark Mission".

 He worked with Nightline with Ted Koppel. Keith  was instrumental in getting a face to face between Richard Hoagland and Ted Koppel. While at ABC he saw news casts, going to ABC affiliates, about inventors with technologies that could have got us off fossil fuels decades ago. Those were similar technologies that are just now coming into the mainstream today.  He also supplied the Nightline show with information which was used in various shows about Mars and Europa.

Keith thinks he now knows why the face is on Mars, and who is buried within, based on Sumerian writings over 6000 years old.

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