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“A Republic, madam … if You Can Keep it!”

Ben Franklin — Constitutional Convention, 1787


“Because truth cannot be seen in a “narrow band,” contemporary context is insufficient … without historical perspective. Therefore, an attempt must be made to use ALL ‘the colors of the spectrum’ ….”

So reads the “motto” on my guest’s citizen-historian website — “The Noah Commentaries” (must remember to ask him “who’s ‘Noah?'”).

Marvin Jones.

This week, the “House Select Committee to Investigate January 6th” produced their ninth public hearing on their continuing investigation into the complicated events swirling around the “physically-armed mob, storming the Capitol of the United States on January 6 ….”

The now-proven instigator of that “unique in US history” Insurrection — former President of the United States, Donald Trump — not only still maintains the Big Lie that created January 6 — that his 2020 election “was stolen from him” — he is now avidly planning to run for President AGAIN … in 2024 … on the basis of THAT same “Big Lie!”

A former US president … whose own MAGA staff — Republicans and true “Trump-believers” one and all — are now, successively, testifying and agreeing, under oath, that “President Donald Trump on January 6th committed the most heinous act a president can commit under the Constitution — an outright seditionary act … of attempting to a literal coup against the citizens of the United States!”

And yet, about half the country is still “with him” on his planned run for reelection!!

THIS is what presents us tonight with the greatest Constitutional Crisis in the history of the Republic. And why, I turned to Marvin Jones to try to get to bottom of the Crisis … to try to figure out “what” — if anything — we, as voting citizens, can actually DO about it … while there’s time.

Join us ….

Richard C. Hoagland


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Marvin D. Jones


Two family members were a great influence in Marvin's life. His great aunt, who was born in 1882, told him about King David and King Solomon. She also taught him about Presidents. His mother always offered encouragement regarding his studies, and she made it clear that leaders make a difference. Both taught him about the Holocaust while still in single digits.

His fourth and fifth grade teacher made history come alive. He helped students understand how to look at things like those who were there.

President Kennedy offered a history lesson in real time. Marvin watched his press conferences, State of the Union Addresses, and other speeches. But JFK's decision to go to the Moon--on the basis of fifteen minutes worth of spaceflight experience--captured his imagination. In fact, it still does.

Reading, listening to historians, journalists, and politicians has become a habit. It cannot be broken.

Marvin comes from a family that has served in every branch of the Armed Forces, although they are predominantly Army, as was he. Because American involvement in Vietnam was winding down, he was sent to what was then West Germany . Upon return to the States, he finished what he began overseas at University of Maryland University College and received a bachelor's in government.

Among other things, Marvin worked in a junkyard, a research firm doing work for the United States Government, and on litigation support projects as a document analyst, qc, member of the clean-up crew, and a team leader. His last job was in Massachusetts Veterans Services, which was through a Federal grant program.

Marvin is now retired and lives in Western Massachusetts. And his lifelong interest in history continues.


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Trump Administration Suddenly Announces

Why the Fury to Return to Mars?

Find Out “Why” Here:

Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing


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a.) Because truth cannot be seen in a narrow band, contemporary context is insufficient without historical perspective.  Therefore an attempt is made to use all the colors of the spectrum.

b.) The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. William Butler Yeats. REPUBLICS ARE RARE. Like coal, they can be reduced to dust. But those well-organized—even when under great pressure—become diamonds.




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7 Comments so far:

  1. Bo Hansen says:

           I have been a fan of Richard for a long time.  Still will be. But this show with Marvin Jones was poor to say the least. Did Richard really say he would support Liz Cheney for President? Richard used to say he would follow the truth wherever it took him. Why he has chosen to overlook the massive fraud that took place in the 2020 election is beyond me. Richard should do another show on the 2020 election but at least have one voice pointing out  the criminal activity that took place. Best Regards, Bo

  2. harold paulwhitfield says:

    the current divisive political environment  in the USA,  appears to benefit only those who wish to diminish the USA in the wider world. So who began this division, and who is fuelling the ongoing  disinformation, that some members of the society have become devoted to.
    It appears that the fundamental decency which the USA is famed for, is being distorted under the apparent patriotic claims and slogans of  the more extremist political factions ,  will this potentially damage the national economic and social functioning, if so who is the real beneficiaries.
    In the UK  this same process was highly damaging, at every level, of the country,  promoted by certain politicians, media outlets, which were able to influence members of the public, distort the real world with prejudice, disinformation, and lies. Enough to persuade a minority to choose a path that can disrupt the normal life of all.   In the UK, it has been demonstrated that the underlying funding for this political disruption was from foreign sources, through intermediaries, by among others,  Russian based agencies, under the apparent disguise of nationalistic loyalties .  Thus using this emotion of nationalistic loyalty to to disrupt the country itself. It says in proverbs –a house divided against itself cannot survive. 
    I wish the USA prosperity and peace, and I send my good will to you all. 
    harry w . Liverpool UK.

  3. Hugo Smedlap says:

    the old movies were not sponsored by the National Rifle Association
    that is just silly

  4. Don says:

    You Marvin is spitting into the mic, move it away from your mouth please.

    • Keith Morgan says:

      Don, he was on a cell phone, I seriously doubt he was able to spit into the microphone, let alone be able to move too far away from his phone to prevent what you were hearing. Sorry if it annoyed you.

  5. Jess says:

    The End Game is also the title of a documentary by Alex Jones about the global elites bringing about the NWO

  6. Warren Pierce says:

    Ok, Richard, you are not a Trump fan, but apparently Robin was a supporter, so you can appreciate that a libertarian like myself would put up with President Trump because of his performance on the economy and him not being a Bush/Chaney war monger.  That having been said can you honestly support this garbage in the White House pretending to run the world while the State Department runs Western Civilization aground. You once defended Pat Buchanan when someone falsely called him a Nazi on Coast to Coast (Art Bell). Please Richard you don’t have to Have a Ronald Reagan statue in your home to admit Trump was actually a fierce independent that saw third party candidates fail time after time to get a chance at the Presidency and fail. I think that a real thermonuclear war is about to break out and if it does the western world will think back on those mean Tweets and cry.

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