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Artemis-I Confirms the “Ancient Lunar Domes!”
Why Should We Give a Damn …?

A few nights ago, Artemis-I (finally …) made it to the Moon!

The Mission is now halfway through its uncrewed 26-day test odyssey: to return to Earth’s only natural satellite, for the first time in ~50 years … with a human-rated spacecraft called “Orion.”

This is the beginning of the Artemis Program, follow-on to “Project Apollo”: an appropriate homage to “Artemis” herself … twin sister of Apollo … ancient Greek goddess of “the Moon.”

The Orion spacecraft carried a total of 16 high-definition, digital color television cameras into lunar orbit — cameras that, via their vastly improved optical and technological capabilities (far beyond the simple “film” cameras carried on Apollo), visibly, suddenly, totally revolutionized our current “understanding” of the REAL nature of Moon!!

For, they confirmed — and, on LIVE NASA Television Monday morning, November 21 — what we have been saying for so long:

That the Moon (especially the Farside … the side never seen from Earth), is literally COVERED with “ET glittering glass ruins!!”

And … we’ve got the Artemis IMAGES!!

Unlike the Nearside, the ruins on the Moon’s Farside actually occupy MOST of the visible ancient lunar surface … and extend upward into space “more than ten miles!”

The Real Moon … the Moon that humans (with their own eyes) have NEVER seen from Earth … now, stunningly revealed by Orion’s LIVE, extraordinary state-of-the-art color television images ….

Of a one-time “Inhabited Moon!”

Join us ….



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Andrew Currie

Andrew A. Currie began his artistic career as a community public artist, working with neighbourhood groups to create murals in schools and community centres. As a graphic designer and illustrator, he serviced small to large Canadian companies. For the past decade, he has worked as a storyboard artist and concept illustrator in film and television, and in commercial tv advertising. Andrew has a Bachelor of Arts from The University of British Columbia, a diploma in graphic design and illustration, and a Masters in Art Therapy.

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Georgia Lambert

GL face

Website: Lambert’s Lodge 

Georgia Lambert has over fifty years of experience in the field of Esoteric Studies, receiving formal training in Eastern and Western disciplines, methods and traditions. She was the first to be licensed by the State of California to teach Meditation and Esoteric Physiology, an experimental course she presented for 3 years at the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific.

In the past, she has served on the board of directors of United Health Resource, has been on the staff at the Institute for Health Facilitation for 3 years, taught for 2 years for the Institute for Advancement of Human Potential, and served on the Teaching staff of the Philosophical Research Society for 10 years, under Manly Palmer Hall. Her lecture credits include Children’s Hospital of Orange County, California State University of Fullerton, Orange Coast College, and Orange County Correctional Facility at Chino, The William Parker Holistic Health Center, The University of the Seven Rays, The Edgar Casey Foundation (A.R.E.),The Theosophical Society, Arcana Workshop, and the 1985 National Cranial Conference sponsored by the American Osteopathic Association.

In 1989, she became the first woman to address a Scottish Rite Research Group on the higher degrees of Masonry. In 1995, 1996, and 1997 she gave presentations to the Pacific Southwest Regional Conclaves of the Rosicrucian Order A.M.O.R.C., both in the USA and in Canada. In 2001, she was invited to participate in a “Think Tank” under the umbrella of an Aerospace Corporation on the subject of Science and Education, and her artwork was featured at the Education Summit for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In England, she has given seminars for the Scientific and Medical network at St. Katherine’s College in Oxford, and for the Wrekin Trust at Regents Park College, London. Her publishing credits include articles in the British Holistic Health Journal, Caduceus, and appearances on both radio and television.


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Barbara Honegger, M.S., Lawyers’ Committee Board Co-Chair

Website: Barbara Honegger, M.S. has served in high-level Government positions including White House Policy Analyst, Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, Director of the Attorney General’s Law Review at the Department of Justice, and for more than a decade was the Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School, the premiere science, technology and national security affairs graduate research university of the Department of Defense. Barbara is Chairman of the Board and Investigative Researcher with the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. Since Sept. 11th she has been a leading author, documentarian, public speaker and major activist on the events of 9/11 with emphasis on the Pentagon Attack and Anthrax Attacks, including presentations and speaking tours in the U.S. Europe and Canada. Barbara researched, scripted and produced the video documentaries ‘Behind The Smoke Curtain: What Happened at The Pentagon, and What Didn’t, and Why It Matters’ and ‘The 9/11 Museum Virtual Walking Tour’, both with over 250,000 views on YouTube. The Walking Tour uses the actual exhibit items in the 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero itself to prove that the Official Story of Sept. 11th is false. She is also the visionary for and physically executed the iconic ‘Third Beam’ Spotlight shown into the NYC skyline on the 9th Anniversary of the attacks that has become the icon for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and the 9/11 Truth Movement worldwide. Barbara is also a national whistleblower. Her pioneering book October Surprise, the first on the topic subsequently confirmed by formerly classified documents and deathbed confessions of key conspirators, led to an official Congressional re-investigation of the Iran side of the Iran-Contra scandal funded at the level of the 9/11 Commission. Ms. Honegger earned Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University; a Master of Science in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University; and Masters level certification in National Security Decision making from the Naval War College. She has twice run as a Candidate for Congress for the central coast district of California, most recently on a 9/11 Truth Platform.

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David Sereda


David Sereda was born in Edmonton, Alberta, August 21, 1961. He was born into a family of 5 boys being the 2nd eldest. His father, Dr. Lynn Sereda, Ph.D. in educational psychology from UC Berkeley, CA, was dedicated to his children’s spiritual growth. His influence on David is one of the greatest driving forces behind what he does. His mother Linda Trafford, was a carpenter, artist and family lawyer in California.
Crystal Sereda first met David Sereda in Los Angeles at the House of Blues. Dan Aykroyd introduced us at a world meeting of sorts, wherein, my husband was introduced to me as a UFO researcher and historian. David, among other experts and friends were brought in to analyze some UFO footage in the screening room. At that time I especially enjoyed singing Jazz and blues in Los Angeles. I was professionally trained in opera technique, which I use with my husband’s music to create a new way of recording with the 5151, being the first to ever be recorded in modern history out of our “Scale of Life” new harmonic musical scale.
We have also enjoyed film making together which includes our narrating, acting, filming, and my singing vocals for our documentary films along side my husband’s love for music with scoring. We have produced such documentaries as Quantum Communication, The Voice, From Here to Andromeda, Hope For Humanity and Mona Lisa’s Little Secret.
David decided at a certain stage of his education to self design his learning and consequently has studied world religion, meditation, philosophy, science (Fringe science), physics, photography, screenwriting, art, film, music, consciousness, UFOs, Crop Circles, history, sacred sites, transpersonal psychology, yoga and more.
Since the year 1999, David has appeared on hundreds of radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory, Jimmy Church, John B. Wells, Shirley MacLaine, Alan Handelman, Alan Eisenberg, and so many more. He has also appeared on nearly every news station on TV including CNN, Anderson Cooper, Fox News (various affiliates), History Channel "Ancient Aliens", Peter Jennings UFO special, "Seeing is Believing 2005" and more.
He has written self published books such as Evidence, the case for NASA UFOs, Singularity, Differentials, Face to Face with Jesus Christ, and jointly with his wife Mona Lisa’s Little Secret, and God’s Great Pyramid.
He has Co Produced, Directed, Edited and scored documentary films, "Evidence, the Case for NASA UFOs" (2001 on VHS 2003 on DVD), Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs (2005), THE VOICE (2006), Quantum Communication (2007), Mona Lisa’s Little Secret (2008), Hope for Humanity (2009), etc. His films have had millions of views from DVDs, TV, and Youtube, etc.
He has produced and scored music for meditation, frequencies for tuning consciousness. He and his wife have a meditation practice and consciousness course series on audio and video called Quantum ReGenesis. David and Crystal Sereda have developed a company with natural technology developed both to imprint frequencies and vibrations into jewelry & crystals. He also designs and makes harmonic field transmitters and wands!



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Why the Fury to Return to Mars?

Find Out “Why” Here:

Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing


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Show Items


Richard’s Items:



Flight Day 10: Orion Enters Distant Retrograde Orbit




Artemis Reference Guide PDF I Reference Guide_Inter.pdf





















Opinion _ Artemis says, to the moon! But it might simply prove our human limits. – The Washington Post  PDF




Project Corona







Project Corona Imaging Geometry Annotated








CORONA Image of Moon 






Ancient Lunar Dome CORONA Optical Geometry





Artemis-1 Lunar Orientale Approach Shot Enhanced






Artemis Moon Flyby 1.1 Sereda Enhanced 3 Inset








Artemis-1 Oriental on Limb Enhanced






Orion Still Close-Up from Artemis Video of Moon Enhanced







Chang’e-5t1 Moon Far Side with Earth Enhanced 2






Artemis-1 Earth & Moon Wide Sep Earth-set Enhanced Composite




Artemis-1 Glass Over Orientale Darker Composite





Artemis-1 Glass Over Orientale Darker Composite with Annotated Signs





Artemis-1 Earth-set Enhanced Equalize Deep Glass Ruins Darker







Artemis-1 Earth-set Enhanced Equalize Deep Glass Ruins Darker Extreme CL








AS16-120-19187-HR Auto Enhanced 5 Alt. Ron 2






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Barbara’s Items:



‘How a Little Known Department of Justice Program Helped Open NASA’s Astronaut Corps to Women’ by Barbara Honegger, S

Stanford On The Moon Newsletter Winter 2000 – Honegger Article



2. ‘Saving Apollo 11:

How A Top Secret (Corona) Satellite and Fast-Thinking Navy and Air Force Weathermen Saved The Apollo 11 Astronauts from Disaster’

by Barbara Honegger
























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Fast links to Items: Richard  – BarbaraAndrew
Fast links to Bios:   David –  Barbara  –  Georgia  –  Andrew


Andrew’s Items:


Lines Suspended










Solarization of Glass

















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Fast links to Bios:   David –  Barbara  –  Georgia  –  Andrew

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  1. Jenniferhall says:

    The less women, and less liberalism on here the better. This is coming from a woman, and fan of Richard’s since the 90s. Like honestly, I came here to listen to Richard, no offense to anyone, truly. I just love you to death Richard

  2. Thea says:

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  4. J says:

    Dr Hoagland plz consider “connecting the dots” more than the bare minimum here; after ur summary description of a picture, plz tell us what that pic implies or means – and do it on this page in the picture CAPTION – ur just not givin us enuf explain’un bc we not as smart as you & don’t have time to figure it out unless u give fuller info – and stop teasing me your page here gives no more info than your appearance on
    but we still luv ever thAng u present … no matter how weird nor incomplete

  5. Don K Johnson says:

    RCH, I would really love it if you would have an expert from Adobe on your show, to get their feedback on these images and the methods you are using to  “enhance” them.  
    Are there digital artifacts created by using certain tools in Photoshop, or from any digital tools? If you are a true scientist you will want to get their input pro or con.

  6. Don K Johnson says:

    #19 has been tweaked

  7. Don K Johnson says:

    Those images have been tweaked!

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    I believe everything Richard says!
    But I do live in a nursing home.

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    There are new images uploaded to the NASA flickr 

  10. Dr. M. Mueller says:

    Like I said previously, there are no images of the moon yet from Artemis, apart from one or two distant ones, so I think you are premature with this show…..unless you claim to have a hyper dimensional (magic) data feed that only you can see!  I look forward to good laugh listening to this as you claw at straws trying to convince the flock that the few spurious images of the moon that NASA release show glaring evidence of the palaces our long lost ancestors from Mars constructed on the moon!!!!

  11. Dr. M. Mueller says:

    As there are no images of the moon yet from Artemis, apart from one or two distant ones, I think you are premature with this show…..unless you claim to have a hyper dimensional (magic) data feed that only you can see!

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