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  Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  – George  –  Jon  – Keith  –  Ron Fast links to Bios:  George  –  Keith  –  Jonathan  –  Ron   Support The Other Side of Midnight! The Mysterious “Martian String Bag” … and Other Wonders… Connecting Mars and Earth A twist of “Martian string” …. An even larger, translucent “Martian bag” — CREATED out of string …. But old … or New? Did we (the Human Race) bring these oh-so-familiar-looking-items with us on the rovers … or, are we looking at the remnants of what we once accidentally dropped on Mars … when we (the Human Race) — a long, long time ago — also visited … Before? NASA is plainly, in the last few weeks, deliberately showing us (but, without comment!) more and more such “tantalizingly-familiar items” — by literally making some of them their “Martian Pictures of the Week” — while, […]

  Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Ron  –  Ruggero  –  Robert Fast links to Bios:   Ron  –  Ruggero  –  Andrew  –  Kynthea  –  Keith  –  Robert   Support The Other Side of Midnight! Is NASA Being Blackmailed … by ETs?! Has anyone (besides us …) noticed that “something” seems to be seriously going WRONG … inside NASA? In the last month, two MAJOR multi-hundred-million-dollar unmanned spacecraft — currently in their last stages of construction and testing — have either been “suddenly postponed” … or suddenly postponed … and then threatened with outright cancellation! One is a “one-of-a-kind” orbital mission to a unique “solid metal asteroid” named “Psyche,” planned for an August lift-off … before the unexpected postponement/termination; the other, a clear year-long postponement, is vital to Project Artemis’ planned “American astronauts’ return to the Moon …” — a precursor rover mission called VIPER — designed to search for […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  – Fast links to Bios:  Richard    –     Support The Other Side of Midnight! The Coming Wonders of Webb: How This Telescope … Can Save Humanity   The Week of Webb …. Tonight is an Experiment. I’m going to try to do something on the show I’ve never tried before …. Explain why I think NASA’s latest technological Miracle and Wonder — the “James Webb Space Telescope,” whose First Light images this week have dazzled the entire world — is perhaps THE MOST important NASA mission in its entire 64-year history …. NOT Apollo … NOT Viking … not even Explorer-I. Webb. Why Webb? THATS what will take me ~three hours (give or take …) to adequately explain … and then to DOCUMENT! Ultimately, it all boils down to the increasingly accelerating … increasingly tangled global politics of … “Disclosure.” Wait! The Webb […]

  Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  – Fast links to Bios:  Rick  –  Georgia     Support The Other Side of Midnight! The Hyperdimensional Reason Why EVERYTHING is “Hitting the Fan” … Right NOW …. “Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel ….” Thus begins one of my favorite songs … and our “meta-theme” for tonight’s show: “The Windmills of Your Mind.” Translation: “What the hell is REALLY going on … on Planet Earth?! Is it all a direct consequence of the ultimate ‘wheels within wheels within wheels’ of the multi-layered “Hyperdimensional Physics Model” … the cyclic modulation, by the motions of our adjoining celestial neighbors in the solar system, of the very essence of Consciousness on Earth itself?” My two guests tonight — astrologer Rick Levine, and metaphysician Georgia Lambert — are uniquely qualified to […]

  Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Scott  –  Barbara  –  Georgia Fast links to Bios:  Scott  –  Hayley  –  Barbara  –  Georgia   Support The Other Side of Midnight! Scotland Unearthed Why should listeners to “the Other Side of Midnight” care about some arcane Scottish history of “medieval Templer architecture?”– Even a history narrated by famed television archaeologist, Scott Wolter? Because– If history had turned out “just a wee bit different” … those of us proudly calling ourselves “Americans” tonight, would technically be known as– “Scotsmen!!” Who, in another timeline, also formed “a New World upstart nation a couple hundred years ago” … led by that proud and aristocratic descendent of a long line of earlier royal Scotsman in BOTH timelines– George Washington! It all supposedly started with an ancient Egyptian queen … Nefertiti’s daughter … Queen Scota– And a “stone.” Brought from Egypt over 3400 years ago […]