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Was this solar system — including Earth and (of course) Mars — once involved in an ancient, cataclysmic conflagration … which some have termed “the Great War?”

Is this possible “incredibly ancient, catastrophic conflict” — which, apparently, destroyed entire planetand their moons — still on-going?–

Unbeknownst to 99.99999% of current humans?

My guest tonight, George Balabanis, explores the potential “hidden meaning” behind so many ancient myths, from all around the world — that all seem to be conveying the same theme … an ancient “War in Heaven” ….

I wonder ….

Could President Trump’s sudden call for a “space force of ultra-sophisticated technology and Marines,” and President Putin’s “answer” — his equally suddenly-announced “new mission to the Planet Mars” — have anything to do with the off-the-wall idea that this “Great War” … could still be going on!?

Join us.

Richard C. Hoagland


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Show Items

Richard’s Items:

1-  President Trump Wants “Space Force” of Marines …
to go to Mars! 

Who’s “the enemy?”


1-   President Trump Wants “Space Force” of Marines …
to go to Mars! 

Who’s “the enemy?”


2- Putin Announces 2019 Mission to Mars!



3- Trump says will meet with Putin ‘in the not too distant future’


4- Trump Tweets Strange Warning Of ‘Coming Arms Race,’ Suggests Russia Can Help

5- Dem senator on Bolton hire: Trump is ‘lining up his war cabinet’


6- ‘This just needs to stop’: Hundreds of thousands decry guns


7-  Astronomers to Check Mysterious Interstellar Object for Signs of Technology

8- Click on Cover to Buy
“The Moon is Harsh Mistress” by Robert A. Heinlein


10- Rendezvous at “Grand View” by Kynthea / Click to Enlarge


George’s Items:


1-  The True Story of Mars
Member Benefit




2- Carving of Nergal from Hatra, Iraq.



3- Spear of Mars



4- Týr as depicted in an 18th-century Icelandic manuscript.



5- Indra rides his mount Airavata, “the elephant of the clouds”, and wields two lances in addition to his traditional weapon, the thunderbolt club called Vajra.



6-“Cuchulain in Battle”, illustration by J. C. Leyendecker in T. W. Rolleston’s Myths & Legends of the Celtic Race, 1911



7- The Deva and armies meet in battle Berkley Art Museum Artist unknown. Karnataka, India 1830-1845 CE. Ink, gouache, and gold on paper.


8- A Hindu rendition of




9- Shu       /      Anhur










10- The /Horus  /  An Object Based On Another World?

11- The sun god Ra, in the form of Great Cat, slays the snake


12- Ninurta with his thunderbolts pursues Anzû stealing the Tablet of Destinies from Enlil’s sanctuary


13- D&M PYRAMID on Mars / The “Murder” Weapon


14- Tesla’s Death Ray blueprints


15-  A rendition made by the author to illustrate his envision of the D&M Pyramid as abased on Tesla’s ray gun situated on an islet (Check Týr’s story for more info on the matter). Furthermore, the decision to depict the laser beams on the exterior of the structure is purely for artistic reasons but in actuality they would be obscured in the interior of the pyramid.




16- ENUMA ELISH “The Epic of the War in Heaven”
Battle of Marduk and Tiamat, Neo-Assyrian Cylinder Seal, 900 – 750 BCE



17- Background Links:











18-  Abandoned Lunar Domed City 






Mayan Palenque Spaceman


Inspired by the mysterious Tassili Cave Paintings in Tassili N’Ajjer, Sahara Desert, Algeria.




21- Based on Concept Art for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
of Pre-Colombian Ancient Astronaut










22 – ANCIENT ASTRONAUT SARCOPHAGI inspired by cover of “The Gaslamp Killer” CD


23- MESOPOTAMIAN STAR MAP based on Wayne Herschel and his Star-Map Theory



George Balabanis

George Balabanis

Born on November 13th, 1992, in Athens, Greece, George Balabanis was educated at the vocational college of IEK ALFA in Athens with a major in Tourism and Hotel Services along with a thesis in Space Tourism. The reason behind his decision to follow this particular career path was his passion for “the unknown and the mysteries of the universe.” Thus, while he chooses to spend his summers working fervently to assist the thousands of visitors visiting his country for their summer vacations, it is during the winter that he prefers to occupy himself with studying and researching, seeking answers to questions that have troubled humankind since the dawn of civilization.

The topics of his interest vary — from the theory of Ancient Astronauts, to secret space programs and pyramids, to lost civilizations. One topic never fails to fascinate him, that of an Ancient Civilization colonizing large parts of our solar system in the past, which came to an abrupt end due to a terrible conflict — “The Great War.” 

George’s passion for uncovering the mysteries and history of our solar system, and our relation to it, was initially ignited when he became acquainted with Richard C. Hoagland’s investigations almost seven years ago; a whole new world of possibilities and intrigue was revealed to him in Hoagland’s work. Balabanis has been a follower of Hoagland’s research, and with his first book has became an active member of a community whose purpose is to expose the truth to humankind about its long forgotten history and otherworldly origins.

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