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Richard’s Items 1. 2.  Elon Musk has ‘not ruled out’ a UFO hitting the SpaceX rocket that exploded       3.  South Korea prepares for ‘worst case scenario’ with North Korea           4. Nurse kissed in iconic V-J Day photo dead at 92                 5. Ryan Lochte attacked during ‘Dancing with the Stars’ live premiere               Keith’s Items:                         Will’s Items:                     Andrew’s Items:                     Bob’s Items:                       Chris’ Items:                       Thomas’ Items:                     Keith Laney […]

Special Addition – Healing For Art Bell & Scooter: From : Art is currently in a Las Vegas hospital for pneumonia and additional symptoms of C.O.P.D. He is awaiting the results of tests to determine what specific medication he should receive, while he does receive general antibiotics and pain relievers. Art is in substantial pain with this ailment, so please send him good thoughts and well wishes to recover from this. Sunday 7-03: Did the MRI thing, still consuming drugs, no progress report yet.     Richard’s Items: 1.   Keith’s Items: 1a. Gigapan image of ‘the burbs’ ruin area 1b. More of the Dome and more on 67P     Ron’s Items Will’s Items 1. 2.   Amy’s Items   Andrew’s Items 1. Plan to Turn Asteroids Into Spaceships Could Spur Off-Earth Mining 2. The Government of Mars Is Already Being Planned: A Glimpse at Martian […]

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Dear Friends,  The night of this controversial show, it seemed as though Richard’s computer was being hacked…as the controls kept changing their settings in front of his eyes…without him initiating the changes. So during the first hour, Stephen Bassett’s voice was so low as to be below Richard’s breathing! Though I tried in two different applications, repairing the file proved to be beyond my expertise. Fortunately,  a professional sound engineer, Chris S., kindly volunteered his help to clean up the file. It is not perfect…that he got anything at all out of it…is a miracle! He had to process it through multiple sound applications and split the voices to adjust them independently…raising Stephen’s voice and lowering Richard’s…so you can hear Stephen without blasting you with the amped up volume of Richard’s voice.  We are deeply grateful, to Chris and all other volunteers who have supported our work through the years […]

The Presidential Briefing Enterprise Mission video briefing for the President of the United States on “extraterrestrial ruins in the solar system” — Delivered through back channels to the White House on request, November 14, 2018. Trailer: Imagine, if … single-handily … you could change History. It works like this: On this page, is located a link for ordering “The Presidential Briefing.” Order it … watch it …. Watch it again. Then … begin Tweeting — to your family … to your friends … to your “friends of friends” … to– The President of the United States. Why? Because, what you just ordered — and watched … and watched again — is nothing less than the SAME Briefing that was sent to the President from The Enterprise Mission just a couple weeks ago (per White House request, through a “back channel source”)– November 14, 2018. Now it’s your turn …. […]