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  Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Georgia  –  Robert  –  Chandra Fast links to Bios:   Chandra – Stephen – Andrew – Ruggero – Maria – Robert – Keith – Georgia   Support The Other Side of Midnight! Is the Royal Family our Gateway Back to the Galactic Family? King Charles III and “Disclosure” “After kingship was lowered down from heaven, the kingship was in Eridu ….” Thus begins a late version of the famed “Sumerian Kings List” — a small, inches-long, fired clay “brick” tablet, recording a series of “much earlier historical dynasties” of different Mesopotamanian cities (and their rulers …) existing in ancient Sumer (now, Iraq) almost seven thousand years before The Present. Mainstream scholars believe this clay transcription immortalizes the original, ancient “founding” of the first known “city” on Earth — a place once called (in Sumerian) “Eridu” … “Eden” in the western Bible … by a […]

Happy Birthday, Keith Morgan! The Show couldn’t go on without you!!! Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Andrew  –  Robert  – Ruggero  –  Ron Fast links to Bios:   Ron  –  Ruggero  –  Andrew  –  Kynthea  –  Keith  –  Robert Support The Other Side of Midnight! Make No Wine Before Its Time…. “The CAPSTONE team continues work on recovery efforts [of its unmanned spacecraft currently heading to the Moon, arriving November 13] ….” “South Korea’s first robotic lunar orbiter, named ‘Danuri,’ is looping back to the Moon … after successfully conducting a critical trajectory correction maneuver Sept. 2 ….” CAPSTONE (“Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment”) is in trouble: at the end of its third pre-planned mid-course correction burn last week (Sept 8), “something” went radically wrong– And the microwave-sized spacecraft began tumbling wildly enroute to lunar orbit. The third unmanned lunar launch attempt — the 5-year […]

  Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  Fast links to Bios:   Richard  Support The Other Side of Midnight! They’re going for a SECOND launch attempt for Artemis-I THIS coming Saturday afternoon — September 3. “T-30 minutes … and counting ….” This afternoon (as this is being written …), at 2:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time, NASA is going to try again — for the second time this week — to launch the first unmanned mission of the official successor to the fabled half-century-old Apollo Lunar Landing Program: Artemis-I. The new Program’s “Space Launch System” carrier rocket, and its soon-to-be crewed state-of-the-art interplanetary human spacecraft — named fittingly “Orion” — is planned to fly a rigorous, six-week “wring out all the systems” orbital mission to and from the Moon …. The successful launch of Artemis-I — named deliberately in honor of the ancient Greek “goddess of the Moon,” twin sister of Apollo […]

  Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Richard Page 2  –  Richard Page 3 Fast links to Bios:  Richard  –     Support The Other Side of Midnight! “Return to the Moon … and the Truth That Has Been Waiting for Our Time ….” In ancient Greek mythology, Artemis was “the sister of the Olympian god Apollo [she was even supposedly born first — then, pressed into service as ’emergency mid-wife,’ enabling the ultimately successful birthing of her more famous twin …].” In other myths, Artemis was “the goddess of wilderness and animals … the Hunt … and of the Moon.” Artemis and Apollo. Both now irrevocably linked by modern Science to that immortal “shining, resonant object of continuing mystery and wonder … and Hidden History” — Earth’s Moon. The modern mythology of “Artemis and the Moon” officially picks up tomorrow morning — with NASA’s first attempted launch of the “Artemis-I […]

  Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Chandra Fast links to Bios:  Chandra  –     Support The Other Side of Midnight! How the Webb Space Telescope Will PROVE the Reality of Extraterrestrial Life My guest tonight, Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe, over the years has been an honored visitor to “The Other Side of Midnight” several times; in these past shows, we’ve discussed many fascinating things … ranging from his scientific proof, decades ago, that interstellar space is TEEMING with the ‘organic, complex building blocks of life’; to his professional and personal relationships with highly-controversial “Steady State” cosmologist, Sir Fred Hoyle; to his longtime friendship with my old, dear friend … Sir Arthur C. Clarke. Tonight promises to bring all these past “wide-ranging conversations” to a dramatic point: Writes Chandra, in a paradigm-breaking, pre-publication, scientific “Webb paper” he’s currently co-authoring: “New developments in astronomy, biology and space science appear to favour […]