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    RCH’s Items 2016 Full Moon Calendar The Curious Link Between the Fly-By Anomaly and the “Impossible” EmDrive Thruster Support The “Superconducting Levitation Thruster” project on Indiegogo Stephen’s Items 1. 2. Podesta Says The American People Can Handle The Truth 3. 4. 5. Clinton Aide Seeks UFO FIles   Stephen Bassett Paradigm Research Group Stephen Bassett is the executive director of Paradigm Research Group founded in 1996 to end a government imposed embargo on the truth behind extraterrestrial related phenomena. Stephen has spoken to audiences around the world about the implications of formal “Disclosure” by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. He has given over 1000 radio and television interviews, and PRG’s advocacy work has been extensively covered by national and international media. In 2013 PRG produced a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club in Washington and recently launched an initiative seeking the […]

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Join us for a special edition of Open Hailing Frequencies featuring special guest Dr. Richard Spence! In tonight’s discussion, RCH and Dr. Spence will talk about the crazy, twilight zone presidential election and what the NY primary results may mean! Call in on Skype “ENTERPRISEMISSION” or (505) 796-8802 and join the community with your comments, questions, suggestions, and all things germane to the moment…     Dr. Richard B. Spence is a Professor of History at the University of Idaho.   His special interests include modern Russian, military, espionage and occult history and the history of anti-Semitism.  One of his most popular courses deals with the role of conspiracies and secret societies in history. His major published works include Boris Savinkov: Renegade on the Left (East European Monographs/Columbia Univ. Press, 1991), Trust No One: The Secret World of Sidney Reilly (Feral House, 2002) and Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult (Feral House, 2008). […]

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    Richard’s Items Bernie Sanders Meets Pope Francis at Vatican [News] ‘BEAM’ Aboard: Experimental Inflatable Room Attached to Space Station [News] Support The “Superconducting Levitation Thruster” project on Indiegogo Carmen’s Items 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  Websites: Interactive U,, Pyramid Code Facebook,  New Atlantis Movie Facebook Dr. Carmen Boulter is Director, Producer, and Writer of The Pyramid Code, an epic 5-episode documentary series that has aired on national TV in 38 countries and is on Netflix in 7 countries. Carmen is a retired Professor from the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary. She taught at a Chienkuo Technology University in Taiwan for 4 years. She was Founder and Director of the Women’s Therapy and Research Center in Calgary, Canada. Carmen has been involved in all aspects of the vision and development of, an Online Learning and Social Action Network. She has […]

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Richard’s Items 1.  2.  3. Support Superconducting Levitation Thruster project on Indiegogo 4.  5.  Panel Items 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  11.  12. 13.  14.  15.  16.  17.  18.  19.  20.  21.  22.  23.  24.  25.  26.  27.  28.  OSIRIS Image of the Day Archive Keith Laney Websites:, The Hidden Mission Keith Laney is a space image processing and anomalies specialist from Charlotte NC. He’s a husband, father, grandfather, artist, copper master, amateur space scientist and avid promoter and supporter of space exploration. The primary passion of his life after about half the above is space imaging. His work has been featured by NASA, mainstream news organizations and planetary anomaly lovers the world over. Keith hosts a privately unequaled online collection of space imaging, planetary curiosities, his own writings and music which just celebrated its 13th anniversary. Andrew Currie Website: Andrew A. Currie began his artistic career as a community public artist, working with neighbourhood groups to create murals in schools and community centres. As a graphic designer […]

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RCH’s Items 1. Model in Gucci Ad Is Deemed ‘Unhealthily Thin’ by British Regulator [News] 2. Hawking & Milner to send interstellar craft to Alpha Centauri ‘within a generation’ [News] 3. Stunning new footage reveals SpaceX’ historic landing on an ocean barge from onboard its Falcon 9 rocket 4. Panama Papers: Spy agencies widely used Mossack Fonseca to hide activities [News] Mad’s Items 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  11.  12.  13. 14. David’s Item Bigelow Aerospace & United Launch Alliance to build first private space station Join us tonight for Open Hailing Frequencies with special guests Mads Palsvig and Dr. David Livingston! In the first half hour of the show, Mads, reporting from Russia, will distill the shocking Panama Papers’ Leak or Hack which seems to reveal new secrets every day. Then, Dr. David Livingston will discuss all things SpaceX and Elon Musk and what it really means for the planet… So tune in to the […]